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The Pseudonym is published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) by the Oasis Writers' Guild of Pahrump, NV. The guild is a non-profit organization chartered by the state of Nevada.

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Success! Paschal Ryan's book, Child of Grace (cover image) has been accepted for publication and is due to be released by the printers Aug 2003. Even before August, Paschal's book will be listed online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Congratulations, Paschal!

Another success story!  Project Gaia, by E. Kitson Southward, can now be purchased online at  Don't miss it!

Still More!  Bill Lopez, past President and current Vice-President, submitted a short story to The First Line, a print magazine published by Blue Cubicle Publishing of Plano, TX.  Bill forgot about the submission until two months later when he received a publishing contract by email.  "The remuneration is not much, barely enough for a Big Mac and fries, but the thrill of a first sale is beyond reward."  The First Line is published four times each year and is a 'showcase' vehicle for new authors.  Check out their web site for additional information.  The First Line: It all starts the same but....

Coffee Can Stories


Novels On Line

DREAD, a novel online, by W. E. Lopez
'E' is for Evil, a novel online by J.P.


The Founders, by Geraldine Ahrens
 The Miner, by Geraldine Ahrens
 Tom Swift and His Atomic Jack-Alope, by W. E. Lopez
 The Schoolmaster, by Nancy J. Swift
 The Watcher and the Coyotes, by Geraldine Ahrens
 I Was a Total Failure, by Paschal Ryan.
What's in the Box? by Geraldine Ahrens.
The Mystical Camera, by E. Kitson Southward
The Face I See in the Moon, by Mae Ondracek
The Sandman Cometh, by JP
Blue Street, a short story on the trials of a street cop by W. E. Lopez
Lovely Weather, by JP
The Sentinel, by W. E. Lopez
DESTINY, by Marti Linder
One woman driving alone + One blizzard = Whiteout, by W. E. Lopez
Paper Dreams, by Jeff Frederiksen
From Another Point of View, by W. E. Lopez
Waiting for the Dawn, by Jeff Frederiksen
Mike had waited 30 years for The First Snowfall by W. E. Lopez
Two Lonely People, by Mae Ondracek
The Thanksgiving Turkey by E. Kitson Southward


If I Were a Hockey Puck, by Mae Ondracek
My Sons, by Anna L. Huff
Remembering You, by W. L. Stephens
Spindrift, by Libby Collins
-We-, by Carla Wolf Janides
Spotted Owl Soup, by MoneeQ and Felonius
Farewell, by Libby Collins
To the Mirror, by Mae Ondracek


Smelly Socks, by Mae Ondracek
A Slap in the Face, by Paschal Ryan.
Minerals and Gems of the Bible, by Mae Ondracek
The Older I Get, by Nancy J. Swift
Raisins at a Discount, by W. E. Lopez
Ethel, by Mae Ondracek
Columbus Come Lately, by W. E. Lopez
Nature's Gift, by Mae Ondracek
My First Time, by W. E. Lopez
The Toyota Monster, by Mae Ondracek
A Toddler Among Cities, by W. E. Lopez
The Waiting Room, by Mae Ondracek
The Care and Feeding of a Swamp Cooler, by W. E. Lopez
If I Were..., by Mae Ondracek
Your Bill of NO Rights, reprinted by W. E. Lopez
A Fish Head Tale, by Mae Ondracek
Uninvolved, by Marti Linder
Squishy, by Mae Ondracek


James and the Dragon, by W. E. Lopez
The Blue/Gray Football Game, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: Tom-Tom Leaves Home, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: Leroy the Love-Sick Llama, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: Election Day, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: Boo-Bah's Thanksgiving, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: Reverend Dibble, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: Rupert's Amazing Feat, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: Sunshine For Christmas, by W. E. Lopez
The Lovely Farm: When Mrs. Mischief was Absent, by W. E. Lopez


The following stories were written so they could be printed as small booklets for children. Before printing, using "global find and replace" in MS Word, the name of the main character in each story is changed as desired. With few exceptions, each story is suitable for a boy or girl. These stories make excellent Christmas or birthday gifts for children and grand children. Please contact the Writers' Guild if you would like one of these stories printed for your child, niece, nephew, or grand child. Cost is $2, including postage, or $3 if you wish to have a color photo of the child printed on the cover.

Susie and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
Billy Meets a Ghost
Billy and the Knothead
Susie and the Moon Princess
Billy and the Wizards
Tommy and the Space Pirates

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