Purpose of the Oasis Writers' Guild

The guild was organized by a group of aspiring writers who wanted to share their knowledge and experience with fellow writers. They wanted to have a place for people of like desires to meet and learn more about writing. Brian Buckingham established the Oasis Writers' Guild as a non-profit organization in October 1993.

Everyone has a story to tell and the goal of the guild is to assist anyone who wishes to tell his or her story and have it published. The Pseudonym is the vehicle that is used to accomplish this task.

People who enjoy writing come together to pool resources and experience. During these gatherings poets, short story writers, novelists, essayists and news reporters, etc., share their work with one another. Members read aloud, turn by turn, and critique one another in an effort to perfect each manuscript.


Anyone in Nye County, Nevada, who is interested in becoming a member of the Oasis Writers' Guild should email . The cost is $24 per year (couples, $36), which includes two issues of The Pseudonym. Copies may be picked up at regular guild meetings.

Non-residents may become associate members at a cost of $12 per year, which includes the cost of mailing and postage for four issues of The Pseudonym. Be sure to include the snail mail address where you wish your copy sent.

For payment of membership or publication fees, send check or money order to:

Oasis Writers' Guild
PO Box 6524
Pahrump, NV 89041
Be sure to include your email address so we can add you to our roster of members, as well as confirm your membership in the Oasis Writers' Guild.

Submissions for Publication

Any member or associate member may submit material they have written and would like to see in print. Submissions for the print edition of The Pseudonym are normally limited to 500-5000 words.   There is no size limitation for manuscripts published online or in eBook format.

All manuscripts must be submitted 45 days prior to each edition. If your submission is late, it will appear in the following issue. Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents saved as RTF files, and adhere to the manuscript format. Click here for a sample. Submissions must be accompanied by a signed release form. Click here for a sample. When copyrighted material is contained within the manuscript, a copy of the author's release is required.

All submissions approved by the editorial staff will be published on this web site for a minimum of 1 year. Not all submissions can be accepted for print publication due to size limitations, but the staff will endeavor to publish those considered to be outstanding, whether they consist of poetry, essays, fiction or non-fiction.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically (as email attachments) to: oasiswriters@jbmailroom.com. Please remember to include your email address so that the editorial staff may contact you if changes are desired. The staff will make no changes to content (other than correction of typograpical errors or errors in punctuation) without approval of the author.


Short stories, news articles, poetry, personal histories, general interest stories, fiction and non-fiction pieces are welcome. The Pseudonym's editorial staff has the final word on what is suitable for publication. Pieces that are slanderous, libelous, or pornographic will be rejected. This policy is not meant to preclude adult content when essential to the development and presentation of characters or plot.

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