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Coffee-can Assignment for Dec 11, 2006
 "What Happened to the Coffee Can?" 

Coffee-can Assignment for Oct 19, 2006
"I Had a Hard Week at Work, and That Was Just Today" 

Coffee-can Assignment for Aug 17, 2006
The day I disappeared...

Coffee-can Assignment for Jun 21, 2006
It's 1970...

Coffee-can Assignment for May 17, 2006
A couple on the brink of a nasty divorce get snowed in together during a blizzard.

Coffee-Can Assignment for Apr 19, 2006
A mobster's wife is targeted after talking to the feds.

Coffee-Can Assignment for Feb 15, 2006
Until ____________________, nothing notable had happened in this small town since the year of it's founding.

Coffee-Can Assignment for Dec 21, 2005

Coffee-Can Assignment for Nov 16, 2005
With only the thought of survival ringing in his/her battered mind, he/she fought blindly and without skill.

Coffee-Can Assignment for Oct 5, 2005
 You are invited to the White House. Write about it.

Coffee-Can Assignment for Sep 21, 2005
Boldly, he/she set off like a spirited young horse, eager to investigate the other side of the fence. But which fence should he/she jump? There were so many. 

Coffee-Can Assignment for Sep 7, 2005
"My grandpa was my idol until I found out..."

Coffee-Can Assignment for Aug 17, 2005
"If I were President, this is what I would do..."

Coffee-Can Assignment for Aug 3, 2005
"Why do the 12 days of Christmas baffle everyone?"

Coffee-Can Assignment for Jul 20, 2005
You are a journalist for a day.

Coffee-Can Assignment for Jul 6, 2005
Repeat #75 for Jun 15, 2005

Coffee-Can Assignment #75, Jun 15, 2005
"A border guard becomes involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs/immigrants."

Coffee-Can Assignment #74, Jun 1, 2005
The swirl of colors on a city street...

Coffee-Can Assignment #73, May 18, 2005
'A piece of gossip sets tongues wagging--what are the consequences?'

Coffee-Can Assignment #72, May 4, 2005
'Butterflies the size of dinner plates flapped slowly past, towing the electric clouds behind them.'

Coffee-Can Assignment #71, Apr 20, 2005
Write a short story with a main character whose life is changed by a piece of gossip.

Coffee-Can Assignment #70, Mar 16, 2005
"A hit man/woman falls in love with his/her target."

Coffee-Can Assignment #69, Feb 16, 2005
You write a note, put it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean.  Where does it end and what happens?

Coffee-Can Assignment #68, Feb 2, 2005
You see an ad of a two-man saw for sale.  Write a story about the people who have used it.

Coffee-Can Assignment #67, Jan 19, 2005
The starter is: 'I remember that song'; the scene: 'in a police station'; and a word you have to use in the story: 'zipper'.

Coffee-Can Assignment #66, Jan 5, 2004
'Where did everyone go? Charlie knew.'

Coffee-Can Assignment #65, Dec 15, 2004
A man/woman, frustrated over the end of an affair, decides to date his/her former lover's best friend.

Coffee-Can Assignment #64, Dec 1, 2004
Your story should include: a pickup truck; lipstick; a silver earring.

Coffee-Can Assignment #63, Nov 17, 2004
A punk extortionist terrorizes a small business owner.

Coffee-Can Assignment #62, Oct 20, 2004
'Finally she had met Mr. Perfect. What could go wrong?'

Coffee Can assignment #61, Oct 6, 2004
Write a riveting tale that takes place within the confines of one hour.

Coffee Can Assignment #60, Sep 15, 2004
As the moon rose over the treetops, the shadows of the jungle receded farther into the gloom from which they had come.

Coffee Can Assignment #59, Sep 1, 2004
Your next story will open with: "Oh quit worrying. If fish had feet, they'd be mice."

Coffee Can Assignment #58, Aug 18, 2004
Write a story around this prompt: 
'A funny thing happened on my way to the (blank).'

Coffee Can Assignment #57, Aug 4, 2004
Write a short-short story of less than 600 words.  You cannot use words of less than three letters!

Coffee Can Assignment #56, July 21, 2004
Use the words: disclose, fatten, hackle, irksome, and sphenoid in your story.

Coffee Can Assignment #55, July 7, 2004
Write a story about a character who is granted three wishes.

Coffee Can Assignment #54, June 16, 2004
"My first sighting of (blank) was as it leaped across the road."

Coffee Can Assignment #53, June 2, 2004
"If someone had wanted me dead he would have missed a good chance when..."

Coffee Can Assignment #52, May 19, 2004
Within your short story, create a powerful scene without using any dialogue.

Coffee Can Assignment #51, May 5, 2004
Write about a week in December without using the words 'December, snow, or holiday.'

Coffee Can Assignment #50, April 21, 2004
"Just beyond the ridge, workers were shoveling gravel into a trench."

Coffee Can Assignment #49, April 7, 2004
'Accidents don't just happen. But I was a willing victim.'

Coffee Can Assignment #48, Mar 17, 2004
Start your story with, "They were sent from the gates..."

Coffee Can Assignment #47, Mar 3, 2004
She was confident they would not overtake her.

Coffee Can Assignment #46, Feb 18, 2004
A divorced mother of two boys fights for child support payments.

Coffee Can Assignment #45, Feb 4, 2004

'If you could live the life of a fictional movie personality, who would it be? Why?'

Coffee-Can Assignment #44, 1/21/2004

'What happened? As my heart skipped a beat I realized I couldn't get_____'.

Coffee-Can Assignment #43, 1/07/2004

"You open a package of M&M's and get the surprise of your life."

Coffee-Can Assignment #42, 12/17/03

You are cleaning out your grandfather's closet. You find an old shoe of his. Tell a story about it.

Coffee-Can Assignment #41, 12/03/2003

"It's morning, sleepyhead, time to get up. Remember today we have to [fill in the blank]."

Coffee-Can Assignment #40, 11/19/2003

Start your story with:  "Dear Sir:  I received your rejection letter today and...."