My name is Bill. Most of you know me as Welopez. I am a writer in training, and have recently been elected president of The Oasis Writers' Guild, of Pahrump, NV. You may have read some of my shorter pieces of fiction or non-fiction on our web site. www.jbmailroom.com/oasiswriters/

My first novel, DREAD! has finally been completed to the best of my ability, and I am in the process of searching for an agent and/or publisher. Thanks to the effort and time of many of my fans, I've corrected hundreds of typos and spelling errors, and made many other changes in wording or added text to make the novel read better. To all those who assisted me, I'd like to extend my appreciation for taking the time to read a 'first-novel' and more importantly, taking the time to reply with your comments.

Anyone can download a free copy of DREAD! by clicking on the file format you desire. But do hurry before my novel comes out in print and I have to close this website to comply with contractual terms with my publisher. Of course, if you don't download a free copy and have to buy my novel, I can hope to increase my royalties! LOL!

E-books, for reading on your desktop or hand-held computer require a 'reader application,' available FREE by clicking on one of the icons below:

E-books for Microsoft Reader have a .lit file extension, and are widely available from many online book sources.

E-books for Palm devices have a .pdb file extension, and are also availaable from many online book sources.

Active E-books carry the required reader with them, and have a .exe file extension. For this reason the file size is much larger than for MS-Reader or Palm Books. They are usually available when trading among individuals.

Word documents are not actually e-books, but can be read on all computers with MS Word, and have the normal .doc file extension.

When you have installed one of the readers above, click on the link below to download your e-book. I hope you enjoy reading DREAD! and would appreciate your comments should you wish to Email Me.

DREAD! for MS Reader.

DREAD! for Palm Reader.

DREAD! Active E-book includes reader.

DREAD! Word document requires only MS Word.

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